In 2014, I was awarded the Wolfram Seattle Vienna Artist Exchange residency in Vienna, Austria.

The following is the list of incredible people that made this all possible via their generous contributions to my Kickstarter campaign. What turned out to be an epic journery, causing profound change in my work, as well as myself, wouldn't have been possible without them. I can't thank them enough.

Fan Level:

Isobel Davis
, Jonathan Wakuda Fischer, Kimberly LaCrone, Molly Peters, Diana Adams

Enthusiast Level:

Michelle Anderst, Phil Naranjo, Lorrie Cardoso, Christopher Olson, Sandy Ha

Contributor Level:

Braden Duncan, Jan Bosman, Jo David, Kellie Talbot, Lisa Schultz Pitcher, Nela Canovic, Mindi Raker, Alisa Dean, Carrie Purcell

Booster Level:

Siolo Thompson, Chris Burlingame, Troy Gua, Brenda Scallon, James C Greer Jr, Liz Tunnell, Sumit Flux Basu, Katherine Kidwell/Tom Kleespies, Dan Tunnell, Courtney Merino, David Davidson, Jane Molenkamp, Dan Merino, James Pirie, Elizabeth Mauro, Denise Burns Bauwens

Supporter Level:

Joanne Marracci, Michael Athey, Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction, LLC, Sullivan Giles, Jason Strayer, Heather Hunt-Casper, Jessica Reuling, Manny Merino, Rich Joy, Bill Hole, Judith Tarr

Supporting Artist Level:

Bridget & Mike Beckage, Beth & Patrick Walsh, James Pontuso

Sponsor Level:

Stacey Riberdy, Trish & Kevin Bozich and family

Collector Level:

John & Michele Osgood

Patron Level:

Peggy & Barry Protage, Michele & David Gough