Upon the threshold of memoryFrom dust began the deceitImpermanence Harbinger of beginnings Crossing overThe coming of lightThe solemnity of silence and cloud: Codex Upon this ring of boughs and stonesAt once perceived, and then lostBy the light of wraithsThe cycle revisitedBy its very nature intangible and ephemeral White specter: life, death, and awakeningThe Transience of Life (Sakura)And so begins the cycle anew (we don't die)Perhaps we all go on, existingSee you on the other side (50 years further along)The journey betweenAt a time between what is knownA moment beyondAn eternity between 1An eternity between 2By the invisible hands that torment and bend usFrom Oblivion, the returnA memory beset on all sides by ShadowsFrom within the Specture lurksIntrospection, the coming stormReleased from the earthly (Apotheosis study)Vienna Studies (the Dante project) 1Vienna Studies (the Dante project) 8Vienna Studies (the Dante project) 2Vienna Studies (the Dante project) 3Vienna Studies (the Dante project) 4Vienna Studies (the Dante project) 5Vienna Studies (the Dante project) 6Vienna Studies (the Dante project) 7Beginning and ending at sunset...Doled out to three, He ruled the seaOf transformation and tessellation (bedankt. Maurits Cornelis) Beyond the boundary of the  Hedge: Margarita and Woland's errandComplexity and Fortitude (the Margarita study 1) Complexity and Fortitude (the Margarita study 2) Driven back…on the fish-wreathed bosom of AmphitriteArduinna, the huntress and her boarThe embodiment of her soulOf invocation and possession - Circe and that which seemed humanIn the shadow of All Saints - The Sedlec vision